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Faurecia is a French global automotive supplier headquartered in Nanterre, in the western suburbs of Paris. In 2018 it was the 9th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world and #1 for vehicle interiors and emission control technology. One in three automobiles is equipped by Faurecia.

A process engineer mentioned, "Faurecia is a very poor company to work with. I will leave it at that. It is a European company and to that type of company you are a number not a person. With their training they will teach you that your job comes before every thing family, friends, health ."


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Former Employee - Lean Manufacturing Engineer says

"Only 10 days of PTO Toxic culture Micromanaging Expect the company to come before absolutely everything else in your life"

Former Employee - Gap Leader says

"They fired me and stole my vacation pay."

Current Employee - Line Operator says

"Management changes their mind every 15 minutes about what they want to do/ how much they want to run. Nobody is informed of the decisions till last possible second. They do not care for employees. Half the time going to HR is a no go, they almost always say "that's not my job" or "I'll get back with you" and never do. The union doesn't really do much in the way of setting anything straight when they are in the wrong."

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"Work life balance... working conditions... hostile work atmosphere"

Current Employee - Product Development Engineer says

"Too much stress, doesn’t pay enough (people got families with kids to take care of)."


"Everything else I mean everything is horrible"

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"horrible culture. It didn’t used to be this way at CMX (formerly CTC) but the Faureica culture has totally taken over and as a result the companies performance has suffered and employee morale is horrible as well"

Former Employee - Production Control & Logistics says

"High turnover rate- 60% for salary/yr, lack of leadership, lack of integrity, management by coercion, disorganized, lack of autonomy Benefits are average, and seem to diminish to some extent annually"

Current Employee - Production Supervisor says

"Native (US) born professionals are not highly valued or regarded in plant organization, lack of transparency, lack of communication between levels of management, poor senior and plant level management."

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"There is nothing more I hate more in this world, than my time spent at Faurecia. 7 Days a week. Terrible senior management. They will verbally assault you."

Kierownicze (Former Employee) says

"Zakład pracy w którym na stałe powinna być agentura Państwowej Inspekcji Pracy, gdyż codziennością jest gwałcenie podstawowych praw pracowniczych. Jednym słowem OBÓZ PRACY, nie poleciłbym tego KOŁCHOZU nawet najgorszemu wrogowi.BrakWszystkie jakie mogą przyjść do głowy"

Gap Leader (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management and horrible work hours. You never know whats going on untill the last minute and noone trains you on anything. All around the place is one big joke"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Environment is highly tense, screaming supervisors to rats running rampant. After working hard you expect to relax in the ac break areas but the tables have been growing mold for 8 years. No flexibility, scheduling follows at last minute notice. Good things tend to be only temporary such as meager bonuses or a pizza party to heal the wounds from defective machinery and parts. Unrealistic expectations.Paid weeklySweatshop environment"

VP Operations (Current Employee) says

"Jugeme tell rood no respect for you or your family 😭 or older people or. Sickness thay maybe having or going through to much favorites munt. On up great jobs no good job win you get your stuff out on time or faster than time. By working thu break just we need more or. You make 8 hours. Parts in 6 hours you get sent home no good job. Just we are adding more parts a hour to your lineNaShort break's Hi on insurance weekly"

montadora (Former Employee) says

"Padrões de trabalho diferentes em diferentes secções da empresa, chão de fabrica stressante e agressivo, escritórios maioritariamente só mulheres com privilégios que o resto da fábrica não possui, chefias que ignoram as necessidades dos seus operadores, falta de disciplina geral e má remuneração."

Operária (Former Employee) says

"Para quem não ten despesas si compensa mas para alguém que more longe eten filhos não compensa o ordenado tenho mais gastos do carro o que ganha a o ordenado mínimo mais nada w"

Operária (Former Employee) says

"Muita pressão, salário pouco apelativo visto que fazia o segundo turno ,não pagam subcidio de alimentação ,"

Prodution Worker (Former Employee) says

"teamleader could never be found when he was needed constantly yelling if things wasn't his way always demanding things refused to train expected you to know everything in a short time"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Management want you to do everything they say, but they don't consider employees output, and a lot of broken promises. Wasted money on things they say are safety issues, but are just dumb, like all the gates walking down the aisle. Need a restroom in the back of the plant takes forever to walk all the way to the front of the plantplant.Plant is cleanManagement doesn't care about their employees."

Quality Assurance Inspector (Former Employee) says

"People never finish they’re work and expect you to complete it for them. After asking for a job transfer the Union never help you. The Union takes your money and never assist you with work issues"

Assembly Line Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Faurecia routinely makes employees feel like useless pieces of garbage. They Express zero intrest in thier employees future or happiness. Absolutely zero communication about potential layoffs or future work. I highly recommend avoiding this company as a employee or potential business partner/customer"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"I had medical issues and a supervisor replaced me with a lower seniority person so that I would have to do a harder job and this wound up hurting me even more and I had to quit. Just a heads up they hire these FES people who have no factory experince. And it's the job of young 20 year olds to cut your job. They don't even need to talk to the engineer s they just come up with "good ideas" with the gap leaders."

Seat inspector (Current Employee) says

"You will stay a temp forever working this job. They just want work done they don’t care about employees at all!! I messed my hand & my back up working here."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Authoritarian management, management by fear, disregard of employee rights and terrible work life balance. Hated it, no team culture, performance management not applied according to legislation or company, depends on whether line manager likes you or not.NonLong hours, reward and recognition, company culture"


"Worst company to work for. No incentive for anyone who has been working for over 4 years. All for new hires. It is cheaper to pay ne hires than loyal employers who have been employed and dedicated."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work there was not a family environment. management was horrible. Treated horribly. Work environment was slow not steady. Company was unpredictable.travel but no benefitsbreaks. management"

Operador de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Difícil comunicação com superiores e também muita desorganização.refeição na Empresasalário muito baixo"


"This place has taught not to never give a place like this all my years and be throwed out over something i had no control over.Hr is bad ,The union is not helpful."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"The job started off really good. Pretty good team that I worked with. but there was not any room for it Improvement. Seems like this company was just using people and paying them low-wage to do with somebody would be able to do for a higher rate of pay"

Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Too much politics involved with the Tuscaloosa Faurecia location. Good managers were forced out of the company while bad ones were promoted. Management was more concerned with looking good to Faurecia Corporate than satisfying the customer's needs. This is one of the reasons Faurecia's customer satisfaction is so low. The Quality Department understaffed and overtasked and expected to work 18 hour days at times. Most supervisors were not properly trained and were not provided with the resources needed to succeed. Hourly employees on certain production lines had worked 12-hour shifts 7 days a week for several months straight. Maintenance was extremely understaffed and machine PM's was virtually non-existent. If you are reading this and you have a choice between working for Faurecia and another company, don't waste your time with Faurecia.Pay CheckThe "Faurecia Way" which is the opposite of the correct way."

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